collection: xin chun jia jie (新春佳节) - new weather




440 signs


10 pc  (print 100cm x 100cm)

code type:

level 2 – Chinese characters


New-weather is the main artwork of the collection „xin chun jia jie“ (新春佳节) that encrypts 12 traditional wishes for the Chinese New Year.

The basic encryption code of leodacripto (1-9, 0, I, X) is here encrypted by one more level with the Chinese characters of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The 12 animals are assigned to the characters of leodacripto’s basic code analogous to their order in the mystical history (鼠=1, 牛=2, 虎=3 etc). In their arrangement they result in the individual wishes.

Find your luck. Decrypt the code.