this is leodacripto 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX12I5I15I4I1I3I18I9I16I20I15IX this is worlds encryption 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX23I15I18I12I4I19IX5I14I3I18I25I16I20I9I15I14IX nft 14I6I20IX this is f*cking art


Artworks (non-fungible-token / NFTs) existing of encrypted information and presented in an aesthetic way.


The world is full of beautiful memories, experiences, riches and many awesome things that will lead you to happiness and success. Most people just cannot perceive it.

Leodacripto artworks represent the information that are fundamentally there and only needs to be decoded.

The NFTs show who you are, where you are, where you was and where you can be.

the code:

The basic code is an own creation of leodacripto and is largely based on number sequences.

Each element within the NFTs as well as their arrangement has a fixed meaning. Between the individual collections the meanings can vary.

In special collections the basic code is encrypted by further level by colors or other characters. 


Each artwork is created manually and is a unique item.

The amount of NFTs within the collections depends on the encrypted themes and may be limited depending on the connections between the individual NFTs.


this is the gallery 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX20I8I5IX7I1I12I12I5I18I25IX check out the collections 3I8I5I3I11IX15I21I20IX20I8I5IX3I15I12I12I5I3I20I9I15I14I19IX

col.: road to wonder

col.: playing field

col.: worlds wealth

col.: success code