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Selected artist for the Art Showcase at New York Times Square – NFT.NYC 2022


Featured by Aesthetica Magazine – December / January 2023 issue (issue 110)



Exhibition at 2023 museum project in Beijing (02 June – 02 July, 2023) – Featured by Pashmin Art Consortia




this is the gallery 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX20I8I5IX7I1I12I12I5I18I25IX check out the collections 3I8I5I3I11IX15I21I20IX20I8I5IX3I15I12I12I5I3I20I9I15I14I19IX

col.: road to wonder

col.: playing field

col.: worlds wealth

col.: success code

col.: equality 99

col.: xin chun jia jie


this is leodacripto 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX12I5I15I4I1I3I18I9I16I20I15IX this is worlds encryption 20I8I9I19IX9I19IX23I15I18I12I4I19IX5I14I3I18I25I16I20I9I15I14IX nft 14I6I20IX this is f*cking art


Artworks (non-fungible-token / NFTs) existing of encrypted information and presented aesthetically.


German artist alias leodacripto.

Inspired by the vision of Leonardo da Vinci to depict the beauty of nature in interaction with humanity and driven by the own enlightenment about the need to break out of the social captivity.

Started in December 2021 – leodacripto artworks consist of encrypted information and engage with issues of life that are not visible at first or seem complex and unsolvable, but on closer focus are relatively easy to achieve or to see.

The encryption represents the happiness, love and experiences in the world that people sometimes forget to realize.

The artworks show who you are, where you are, where you were, and where you can be.

the code:

The basic encryption code is an own creation of leodacripto and is largely based on number sequences (0-9, I, X).

Each element within the artworks as well as their arrangement has a fixed meaning. Between the individual collections, the meanings can vary.

In special collections, the basic code is encrypted by further level by colors or other characters. 


Each artwork is created manually and is a unique item.

The amount of artworks within the collections depends on the encrypted themes and may be limited depending on the connections between the individual artworks.